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Top 5 Reasons You Need Toor Knives as Your EDC


It’s pretty obvious that you would want a good knife that you can rely on. Whether you need a knife for self-defense or as an EDC, Toor Knives are a go-to for anyone looking for something with top-quality materials and construction. 

They are fairly new to the industry, but they have been making waves since their introduction, and here are the top 5 reasons why! 


1. Premium Materials 

The makers behind Toor Knives use only the highest quality blade and handle materials. They get their steel from Crucible Industries, which uses CPM technology to ensure it is the highest quality steel you can get, and it doesn’t stop there! They have a variety of handle materials ranging from G-10, Micarta, Natural Woods, and Titanium, with the possibility of more options in the future! 


2. Quality Construction 

All of Toor’s Knives are made and hand-assembled in their USA-based shop in San Diego, California. They have a focus on making hard-use blades at an affordable price and with pooled knowledge of over 30 talented craftsmen and women who use their combined experience to make the highest-quality knife possible. 


3. Made in the USA 

Based out of San Diego, CA, Toor Knives was formed to combat the high-priced knives with long production times attached to most high-end knives. Connor Toor started in his backyard forging the old-fashioned way by hammer and anvil, but his vision grew to new heights over time. Now, Toor owns a manufacturing shop where all their hard-use knives are made, bringing his dream of affordable and high-quality knives into reality. 


4. Sustainable Manufacturing 

Toor Knives has a long-term goal of being the first knife manufacturer with a 0% landfill footprint while also generating funds for wildlife conservation. Toor has operated with a goal of being eco-friendly since its inception, which has led to them not only being extremely mindful of the materials they use but also their metal shavings and materials that would normally be thrown away! 


5. Lifetime Warranty 

All of Toor’s knives are made to unforgiving standards and with a true purpose in mind. These knives are meant to withstand repeated field tests and continual everyday carry, meaning that Toor takes pride in the fact that you can count on their knives when the going gets tough. This also means they will cover any defects in the knife at their discretion. This does not cover normal signs of wear and use. 


Explore Toor Knives HERE!


*If there are any Toor Products you would like to purchase but don’t see listed, please let us know, and we can see about getting them for you!*


Tate Shelton

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