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Sharpening Service

Keep it sharp!  Free Lifetime sharpening on most Knives purchased at House of Blades.  Get a lifetime sharpening card for in-store purchases.  

No Appointment Necessary (same day turnaround)

contact us today at


Lifetime Engraving Marking


Get a Lifetime sharpening logo engrave so you will not have to present your sharpening card
(only for knives purchased at House of Blades that qualify for a lifetime sharpening card)

Tip Fix Repair


Some broken tips are beyond repair. May require reshaping of blade. Sharpening included in price

O.T.F Cleaning


Take apart and clean specialty knives like OTFs. Sharpening not included.

Sharpening Price

Traditional Pocket Knife

Single Blade


Sod Buster, Plain Edge, Single Sided

Double Blade


Trapper, Multi-Tool, Canoe

Triple Blade


Stockman, Whittler

Four Blade



Plain Single Edge


Manual, assisted, automatic, flipper, balisong, Tanto knives non serrated

Fixed Blade


Single Edge - non Serrated fixed blade

Double Edge


Dagger, Boot Knife,

Serrated Blades


Single Sided partial serrated, or full serrated
Kitchen Cutlery

Kitchen Blade Under 10" Sharpening


Chef's, Paring, Boning, any Kitchen knife under 10 inches that is non-serrated

Kitchen Blade over 10" Sharpening


Slicing, bread, chef's knives over 10 inches non-serrated

Serrated Kitchen Knife


Bread, Utility knives with serrations. Some micro-serrations cannot be sharpen.
Tool Sharpening



Basic shear or scissors, we cannot do hair shears.

Axe head Sharpening


Axe, tomahawk sharpening

Machete Sharpening


Yard Machete sharpening that are non-serrated

Snow Cone Blades


Call for more information, some snow cone blades require special setup
Premium Knife Sharpening

Get a razor sharp-edge using a Wicked-Edge Sharper.  Please note your knife will not be same day.  Contact us for turnaround time.  Non-serrated blades only.

Plain Edge


Plain edge sharpening with a wicked edge sharpening system

Tanto Edge


Tanto shaped blade - non-serrated

Mirror Polish Edge (additional to wicked-edge sharpening)


Get additional mirror edge finish with the wicked-edge sharpening.

Do you want to sharpen your knives but don’t live close enough to visit our store? Then our mail-in sharpening service is perfect for you!

There are just three simple steps-

  1. Contact us to confirm how many knives you need sharpened and how much it will cost. (contact:
  2. Once we give you the go-ahead, carefully package and ship your knives to us so that you can ensure the safety of both your beloved knives and our beloved postal workers!
  3. Purchase a shipping label and send us your knives!

It really is just that simple!


Some things to keep in mind when sending your knives in:

  • Once we receive your knives, we will keep you updated on your sharpening status, and we will let you know when they are finished and ready to ship back to you.
  • If you have a Lifetime sharpening card, mail it with your knife, and we will honor it. You will have to pay for shipping to and from our store.
  • We only offer free return shipping for orders over $100.

House of Blades is not liable for the loss of products during shipping. If you want to ensure your knives, you will have to pay extra during shipping.