Shun 12 in. SWT0778 – Hollow Grind


Shun 12 in. SWT0778

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Shun’s Kanso hollow ground brisket knife SWT0778 comes in a 12 inch AUS10A blade and a tagayasan handle. Its design was inspired by the Zen philosophy. Which means they kept it simple, anything that was non-essential was eliminated. Like all Shun knives, the Kanso brisket knife will need to be sharpened to a 16? cutting angle to cut neatly and help preserve food’s freshness and taste. The Shun Kanso Brisket Knife is ideal for trimming and slicing larger cuts of meat, including brisket, roasts, ham, and turkey. The high-performance Japanese AUS10A blade is highly refined, high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel that takes a razor-sharp edge and holds it longer. The Shun Kanso Brisket Knife?s long, narrow blade makes it easy to slice larger cuts of meat in a single pass to ensure more of the juices?and flavor?stay inside the meat. The long, razor-sharp blade ensures slices will look beautiful, too, since there?s no need to saw back and forth. Hollow-ground indentations on the blade help food release more easily and the rounded tip makes the knife safer and easier to use. The included wooden?saya, or sheath, protects the blade and makes it simple to transport to a barbeque or celebration taking place away from home.

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