KNAFS Lander KNAFS-00156 – Green Micarta


KNAFS Lander KNAFS-00156

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“Where’s the micarta?” “I wish it came with micarta.” “Does it come in stainless?” “I’d totally get one if it was not D2.”

We’ve heard your cries, amigos. And we have responded! Introducing the Lander, now with Sandvik 14c28n stainless steel, and contoured green canvas micarta scales! Woot Woot!!! Trust us, we’re just as excited as you are for this. Who doesn’t love micarta? It’s soft, contoured, and ever-changing in appearance, and not so slippery when wet. Sorry Bon Jovi… the only thing that could make this Lander any better was an upgraded stainless steel blade. It might sound like alphabet soup, but Sandvik 14c28n steel is nothing to scoff at. Think of it as stainless D2 with greater corrosion resistance, easier sharpening, solid edge retention, AND it still has decent toughness when compared to D2.

This Lander is still a pocket knife of possibility with Fast Swap Scales. They’re easy to remove without disassembling the entire knife. Simply unscrew four screws, and you’re freeee! If you’re unfamiliar with pocket knife disassembly, typically removing the scales can be an ordeal: the entire knife falls apart in your hands, and you’ve got to retune everything to align all the parts. Not hard, but not fast or convenient either.

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Blade Material


Blade Length

2.75 in.

Handle Length

3.6 in.

Overall Length

6.4 in.

Handle Material


Knife Type

Manual Folding


2.4 oz.



Carry Type

Ambidextrous, Tip up

Edge Type

Plain Edge