KNAFS Knife Anatomy Shop Mat KNAFS-00003 – Black


KNAFS Knife Anatomy Shop Mat KNAFS-00003

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The Knife Mouse Pad is oversized for maximum mousing mobility. The 10×14 inch size looks snazzy, and the eighth-inch thickness is perfect for comfortable padding on your desk or in the shop. The shop mat features a prominent folding knife in the middle with handy references to knife anatomy: pivot, liner lock, washers, etc. The sides of the mat feature blade shapes and knife grinds commonly used on many knives. Learn knife basics with three panels dedicated to blade angles, common screw types, and quick tips on knife maintenance, designed by Ben Petersen as a handy reference for the knife noob and knife knut alike. Use it to house your collection or to pamper your EDC pocket dump. The mousepad is a unique gift for men, grads, or the knife enthusiast in your life.

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