Shun Steak Knife 5″ SWT0711 – Tagayasan Wood


Shun Steak Knife 5″ SWT0711

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The Kanso edition steak knives have everything you would want in a high-end steak knife set, from its Zen-inspired design, high-quality construction, and efficient cutting edge. To keep steaks flavorful, you need to keep more of the juices inside the steak. The knives in this beautiful set are hand-sharpened to a 16-degree edge on each side to glide through your steak, cut fewer capillaries in the meat, and keep more of the juices inside. You will be astonished at what a difference these fine-edged steak knives can make in the flavor and enjoyment of your steaks. Simple and beautiful in design, Kanso brings you what is most essential in fine cutlery: high-performance steel, a razor-sharp edge, perfect balance, and precision cutting control.

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