Olight iMorse IMORSECU – Copper


Olight iMorse IMORSECU

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The iMorse is Olight’s popular rechargeable keychain flashlight. The high-performance CSP (chip scale package) LED, paired with a TIR optic lens, generates a soft, well-balanced beam of 5 lumens or 180 lumens. Users can turn the light on/off and switch outputs with a simple twist of the head. Powered by a larger built-in 130mAh Lithium-ion battery, it runs up to 12 hours. The flashlight adopts the new USB-C port instead of the old Micro-USB port, which makes charging easier. The aluminum alloy body makes this small light extremely durable. Only 51.3mm/2.02in long with a weight of only 22g/0.78oz, it is the perfect addition to your keychain.

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