Cangshan Cutlery Professional Kitchen Knife Care Kit 1024739


Cangshan Cutlery Professional Kitchen Knife Care Kit 1024739

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A knife is only as great as the care it receives. The Cangshan Knife Care Kit includes all the essential tools you need to keep your knife pristine and razor-sharp. Once a knife becomes dull, the edge will fail to penetrate the item being cut easily and may slip away from the surface, which can cause you to cut yourself accidentally. More force is also needed to cut through something with a dull knife which can also cause a dangerous accident if the knife slips away from the surface in an unintended direction. You should only use knives that have been properly sharpened, making them safer and more efficient.


  • This multipurpose knife care kit includes everything you need to keep all your knives in great condition. This kit offers everything from corrosion protection to keep your blade sharp.
  • Set Includes double-sided whetstone, acacia wood base, 16-degree knife sharpening guide, 6 oz knife blade oil, double-sided genuine leather strop, 6 oz fine grit polishing compound, microfiber cleaning cloth, pair of cut resistant gloves, and hard-shell storage bag.
  • A6 Durable cut-resistant gloves comply with FDA regulations for food contact.
  • A Hard-shell storage bag securely holds the knife care kit when not in use and makes it easy to carry.
  • Knife blade oil, polishing compound, and cut-resistant gloves are all manufactured in the USA.

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