Wusthof 6″ Locking Blade Guard 2783 – Red Accessory – Knife


Wusthof 6″ Locking Blade Guard 2783

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The new and simple to use Locking Blade Guard collection locks and safely secures kitchen knives for storage in drawers, knife rolls, backpacks, luggage, etc. Made in the U.S.A. of durable polypropylene and conveniently dishwasher safe, the collection offers optimum blade protection and safety for up to eight standard and popular blade styles. To safely secure each knife, simply place the blade inside the case on the rubber tabs, then close the case and press the locking tabs into place. ? Keeps your knives safe, sharp and looking like new! ? Guard designed to fit a utility knife with a blade length of up to 6 in. ? Offers maximum safety and protection for cutlery stored in a kitchen drawer. ? Also ideal for the traveling chef who keeps knives in a carrying case. ? Protects your cutlery’s sharp edges. ? Locks and safely secures knife. ? Made in USA.

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