Shun Premier 9.5 in. TDM0704 Kitchen Utility Knife


Shun Premier 9.5 in. TDM0704

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The Shun Premier 9.5-in. TDM0704 Slicing Knife is a must have in the kitchen! The knife features a VG-MAX steel blade that slices without tearing or sawing. The knife is ideal for slicing a wide variety of meats and can also be used to cut larger vegetables. The walnut-colored PakkaWood? handle fits comfortably in the hand, while the embosses end cap adds balance and beauty. Made in Japan. ? The perfect blade for the chef concerned with succulent cuts of meat, carve your food with unequaled precision. ? Double beveled blade glides through meat with ease, leaving juices inside. ? Handcrafted from high quality steel. ? Razor sharp cutting edge. ? Perfect when paired with a Shun Carving Fork. ? Made in Japan.

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