Shun Knife Care Kit DM0625


Shun Knife Care Kit DM0625

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The Shun Knife Care Kit helps you maintain your Shuns. It includes 3 Polishing cloths, 5 Polishing sticks in 3 different grits, as well as a 2 oz bottle of food-grade oil and a talc ball. A bamboo storage box is included to store all of your items and comes with an instruction booklet that lets you know how to use your items and their purpose.


– 3 polishing cloths; use two for polishing, one for applying oil.

– 5 polishing sticks in 3 different grits for cleaning and polishing: grey (fine), red (medium), white (coarse).

– Bottle food-grade oil (2 oz.); protects blade surface once cleaned.

– Talc ball; the powder is very mildly abrasive and is used to clean the blade.

– Bamboo storage box. – Instruction booklet.

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