Shun 6.5 in. DM0728


Shun 6.5 in. DM0728

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This Shun Classic 6.5-in. Nakiri DM0728 is a vegetable knife and can be used for slicing vegetables or daily salad preparation. The knife features a 6.5 in. VG-MAX steel blade, which provides incredible edge retention, is clad with Damascus stainless steel, then ground and bead-blasted, revealing the flowing pattern of the layered steel. The D-shaped ebony PakkaWood? handle offers a solid grip and is specifically designed for premium applications. Made in Japan. Nakiri is simply Japanese for “vegetable knife.” Once you get the Shun Classic Nakiri in your hands, you will see why both professional chefs and good cooks worldwide choose this beautiful and handy tool whenever they have fruits or vegetables to prepare. With its straight blade, edge, and spine, the Nakiri is used with a simple push cut. You will love the clean, swift work it makes of vegetables of all kinds. For daily salad preparation or slicing vegetables for stir-fry, it can’t be beat. Finely dicing onions is fast, easy, and with the Shun Classic Nakiri’s blunt end, safer, too.

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