Protech Rockeye LG401 S35VN Les George Black Auto Knife


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The Short Bladed Rockeye, or SBR for short, is a compact version of our outstanding full-sized Rockeye Auto. Both knives are designed by Marine Corps knife designer Les George, who’s ergonomic hard use knives have been faithfully translated to automatic versions by Pro-Tech. The SBR features a compact design, with a 2.5 blade built for a multitude of cutting tasks. A pocket milled spine adds extra grip and depth to the design. The knife snaps open with authority thanks to our Pro-Tech coil spring automatic mechanism. Don’t let its size fool you. The SBR is a bantam powerhouse. SBR featuring solid black hard coat anodized handles blasted hardware, black DLC coated deep carry clip and a 2-tone blade with stonewashed bevels and machine satin flats

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