Kershaw Scallion 1620FL – Aluminum


Kershaw Scallion 1620FL

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The frame lock Scallion is a high-carbon steel made for edge retention and corrosion resistance with a bead-blasted finish as well as a 410 stainless steel bead-blasted handle. It also is equipped with SpeedSafe assisted opening for easy one-handed opening; just pull down on the flipper. The Scallion is one of Kershaw?s most popular knives?and no wonder. With its 2.25-inch blade, the Scallion is the perfect size for lightweight and convenient pocket carry. But just because it?s smaller doesn?t mean it isn?t mighty. From breaking down a cardboard box to cutting twine to opening packages, the Scallion is perfect for just about any cutting task you?d care to ask it to do. This Scallion has a built-in a frame lock. When the blade is opened, a part of the handle, or frame, moves into place behind the blade, locking it open and ensuring that it can?t accidentally close during use. The frame lock is an exceptionally strong blade lock. The second lock is the Tip-Lock. It?s a slider that locks the tip of the blade inside the handle until you release it, which ensures the knife won?t accidentally open during transport. A great all-stainless-steel look, blade security, and assisted opening?it all adds up to one great little knife.

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