Kai 6 in. HT7084


Kai 6 in. HT7084

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The Kai HT7084 is a great Utility Knife part of the PRO Series, it’s a very handy knife to have in the kitchen! The knife features a 6.00 in. blade that is made of Japanese AUS6M stainless steel and hand-sharpened to a 16 degree angle. The riveted POM handle is full-tang construction and provides a comfortable and secure grip. When you’re cutting food too big for a paring knife and too small for a chef’s knife, the Kai PRO Utility Knife is the best choice. This in-between knife is handy for larger peeling jobs or when precision trimming is needed, such as when you’re cutting broccoli florets for stir-fry or removing the tough stems from kale. Thanks to the blade’s small and light design, it’s easy to work with it in tighter places where larger knives wouldn’t offer the right amount of precision and control. Bring professional-level performance to your kitchen with Kai PRO. NSF Certified for use in professional kitchens, Kai PRO cutlery offers a razor-sharp edge, comfortable grip, precision handling — and is built to stand up to the rigors of commercial use. Kai PRO blades are made of Japanese AUS6M stainless steel, hand sharpened and finished to a 16 degree cutting edge on each side — much sharper than standard Western-style knives. Our high-carbon steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, holds its edge well, then re-sharpens easily when needed. With its striking, hammered blade finish, Kai PRO is sure to be a standout in any kitchen, home or commercial. The knife’s beautiful finish isn’t just for show; it reduces drag and helps food release from the blade quickly and easily. Full-tang construction and a riveted POM handle ensure Kai PRO cutlery will provide you with a lifetime of pro-level performance.

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