Benchmade Triage 9170SBK


Benchmade Triage 9170SBK

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Most knives are created for helping out in a stressful situation. The Benchmade 9170SBK Triage was created with safety in mind. This version of the Triage is an automatic which allows the blade to be deployed quickly. This knife comes with a black partially serrated N680 steel blade. On the back of the handle you can flip out the safety hook which can be used to cut straps, ropes, seat belts, and etc. On the very tip of the handle you can find a glass breaker. This helps when trapped with in a vehicle. This knife would be perfect for law enforcement officer, fire fighters or EMS personnel. Tested by some of the world’s foremost rescue experts, this dynamic triple utility tool includes a knife, safety hook and glass breaker. Designed and manufactured in the USA with Austrian blade steel.

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