Benchmade Blue Class 1100-16 – Blue Titanium

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Benchmade Blue Class 1100-16

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The Benchmade 1100-16 Blue Titanium Pen & Tactical Defense Tool was made in the USA. The pen features an ergonomic pattern that provides a superior grip and comfortable texturing. The diameter of the pen is 0.50 in. and the overall length is 5.375 in. The ink color in the pen is black and the pen itself weighs approximately 1.30 oz. ? Machined and anodized blue Titanium body, cap and pen grip. ? Ergonomic pattern provides superior grip and comfortable texturing. ? Ink cartridges manufactured for Benchmade by Fisher Pen Company. ? Coated pen clip (removable). ? Cap snaps securely open and closed with internal O-ring fitting.

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